Casts that Catch Fish RELEASED

The name says it all.  We tip instructional DVD’s on their collective heads and give the genre a  well needed ‘kick up the ass’ . We’ve pulled out the stops on this one and utilized just about every clever filming trick in the book - and thrown in a few new ones for good measure.

Release Date: late 2010 - View Trailer >>

Flies that Catch Fish (What Trout Want)  RELEASED!

Fly selection and fly tying demystified. Bob Wyatt shares the patterns that make the fly fishing world go round and we tank test each one. You’ll never look at your fly box the same.

Release date: late 2010 - View Trailer >>

Itu’s Bones

Aitutaki is home to some of the worlds largest Bonefish, follow us as we take a journey with Itu Davey as he moves from Bonefish netter, to Bonefish guide.

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Release date: Early 2011

Bastard Trout

So you think you’ve seen some selective trout in your time? - we’ll you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Come along for the ride as we try to deceive what surely must be the worlds most finicky fish

Release date: Early 2011

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