On the Fly is an award winning producer of Avant-garde fly fishing films - documentary style.  We also produce instructional fly fishing and fly tying DVD’s with a twist.

Stunning cinematography, ear tingling audio and great stories are hallmarks of our work.

Our films and videography are award winners, the accolades now too many to list (honestly)

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Jeanie Ackley is an accomplished filmmaker and adventurer. She has travelled the world extensively and is a recognised researcher, producer, underwater camera-woman, photographer and dive instructor. All the images on this site are original, and the good ones were probably taken by Jeanie.

Her husband Carl (Bumcast) McNeil is, well, a trout bum – or at least he would be given half a chance.

Carl is an FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor and obsessed fly fisher of both fresh and saltwater. He stands in the hard-core camp of trout behaviorists; “they’re only a bag of chemicals” which, he would have you believe, only makes fly fishing even more interesting, difficult and mystifying. His fly fishing and fly casting material have been published in the likes of FlyLife, Catch Magazine, Midcurrent and This is Fly

Together with their friends, Jeanie and Carl run this site, instruct, fish, adventure, make films and generally try to have a good time - and not get caught.

If you’re in the market for a short film, promotional DVD or video, photo spread, fly casting lesson or just a good time – you should give us a call.

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We do fly fishing...

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